Dan Burkholder. "School of Trees, Scotland"

Dan Burkholder. "School of Trees, Scotland"

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Platinum and palladium over gold leaf, 4 x 6," edition no. 2/15. Image date 1992, print date 2008, signed on recto, framed. 

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"Burkholder pioneered the platinum over gold leaf photographic technique in 2007. Platinum/palladium is hand-coated on vellum and exposed using a digital negative under UV light and developed using classic darkroom methods. Gold leaf is applied to the back of the finished vellum print and coated with archival varnish to create a translucent surface."

ABOUT DAN BURKHOLDER: A Master platinum printer, Dan Burkholder was one of the first fine art photographers to champion digital technology by creating the digital negative in 1992. His methods allowed him to embrace the unlimited control of the new Adobe Photoshop and produce a negative from a computer file. His "digital negative" was used to print in the classic darkroom making beautiful handcrafted platinum prints in the early days of digital imaging when printers fell far short of producing fine art quality results.

His innovations introduced two original darkroom techniques, creating the pigment over platinum print in 2001 and the platinum over gold leaf print in 2007. By sharing his pivotal methods, Burkholder has become a unique teacher and mentor for thousands of photographers by bridging the worlds of classic photography with the evolving digital era.

Dan Burkholder is represented by Catherine Couturier Gallery in Houston